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Contract Recruitment Solutions

At WeConnect Energy, we recognise the multifaceted nature of the energy sector and the ever-present need for adaptable, skilled professionals. Harnessing the power of our expansive network and industry insights, our contract recruitment offerings bridge the gap between ambition and accomplishment.

WeConnect Energy is an internationally recognised specialist contract recruitment agency

Contracting in the energy domain demands precision, timeliness, and an understanding of both immediate needs and long-term visions. With a foundation laid in 2008, our expertise in contracting is not merely transactional—it's transformational. We delve deep into organisational requirements to connect you with the finest energy specialists adept at fulfilling specific contractual roles.

Contract Personnel: A Flexible Workplace Solution

We understand many projects are time critical. Our contract services are designed to offer efficient, bespoke solutions that flex and scale as per your organisation's unique needs. Through this, we ensure that the synergy between organisations and contractors is seamless, beneficial, and most importantly, impactful in advancing energy frontiers.

Our contractors offer a flexible workforce solution to assist with interim projects that require specialist skills. Contractors are typically hired on a fixed-term basis, providing you with the confidence to lock in a specific skill set for a period of time.




Successful placements

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Our Contractors

At WeConnect Energy, our roots run deep in the realms of Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering and Drilling. Our robust network comprises not just contractors, but seasoned experts who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the table. This ensures that when you collaborate with us for your contract recruitment needs, you are gaining access to professionals who are not just skilled, but are perfectly attuned to the nuances and intricacies of your specific projects.

With 15 years in the Upstream oil and gas industry, our experienced team of contract recruiters are well versed in managing our client’s complex needs; finding the right people, with the right skills in the right places, and ensuring compliance to local and international laws while facilitating visas, work permits, insurances and payroll for complete peace of mind.

To speak to a member of our team about your contract recruitment needs, please get in touch today.

Why WeConnect Energy?

Our ethos is simple but effective. We are committed to delivering top-tier contract recruitment solutions, driving unparalleled results with a blend of efficiency and pragmatism. Recognising the dynamic nature of the energy sector, we prioritise pinpointing individuals equipped with the precise skills and experience essential to fuel growth and achieve aspirations.

Anchored by our core values of integrity, teamwork, pride, and an unwavering focus on results, we invest time in fostering genuine relationships with our clients, candidates, and consultants.

Please connect with us today for more information on our contract recruitment service.

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Specialist Energy Recruitment and Consultancy

The energy landscape is dynamic and ever changing. We are matchmakers, facilitators, and success-enablers. Our passion? Bringing people together, providing robust solutions for organisations, and crafting opportunities for the visionaries of today. That is why we don't just act; we act with precision, speed, and expertise.

Since 2008, WeConnect Energy have successfully provided recruitment solutions within various sectors.