A Note From Our COO Peter Bottomley

Navigating the Energy Mix in 2024

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February 20, 2024

In 2024, WeConnect Energy has not only launched a new Low Carbon & Renewables sector, but we are also celebrating over 15 years of excellence in connecting energy experts. Since our beginnings in 2008, we have been a pivotal force in Upstream Oil & Gas recruitment, specialising in Geoscience, Subsurface, Drilling, HSE and Commercial disciplines.  

Today, we are striving towards the expansion of our company’s foundational expertise, venturing into wider energy sectors and championing the energy transition along the way.

Our new sector, led by Daniel Brook (recently appointed Director of Low Carbon and Renewables) is set to revolutionise how we connect exceptional talent with innovative projects – with a focus on Hydrogen, CCS and Offshore Wind. Daniel’s expertise in energy recruitment, coupled with extensive experience in the renewable energy landscape, will elevate WeConnect Energy to become a key player in the shift towards a more sustainable energy future.  

As part of our business expansion, two exceptional graduates have recently joined WeConnect Energy. Heather McCreadie, joining our Offshore Wind division, and Beatrice Crespi, our Hydrogen division, will support in driving the growth of these vital areas. Both Heather and Beatrice will be instrumental in fostering connections and unlocking exciting opportunities. We look forward to supporting their career development alongside the expanding presence of our brand.

While we continue our unwavering commitment to the Upstream E&P industry, our new division marks a significant stride in our evolution. It is not just about business growth; it is about actively participating in - and facilitating - the global shift towards a more sustainable and diversified energy landscape.

When I joined the business in 2011, our strategy was clear – to become the go-to recruitment specialist in Geoscience & Petroleum Engineering. As Subsurface Global, we accomplished this mission and we built upon this mandate, successfully supporting the demand for Drilling, Wells & HSE professionals from our international client base of E&P operating companies. As the energy mix has evolved, particularly over the last five years, the desire to complement technical expertise with commercial acumen has exponentially increased. As clients diversify their portfolios, enter new geographies, and establish a footprint in new energy sectors, the need for a strong blend of technical and commercial skills has surged. Senior level strategists, business developers, M&A specialists, economists, investment, finance and legal professionals are in demand from the energy sector like never before. It has been both exciting and rewarding to align our own growth journey with that of our long-term clients. We are now laser-focused on our new and improved mission – to connect the world’s energy experts.

Our journey ahead is defined by a resolute objective: to be at the forefront of the energy sector, driving innovation, and fostering change by connecting talent with opportunity, leaders with industry, and potential with results. We are not just ready for the future of energy – we are actively shaping it, building bridges between talent and the transformative projects that define our tomorrow.

We look forward to various networking events and conferences in the upcoming months, starting with the Scottish Energy Forum Annual Dinner in Edinburgh on 23rd February - the night before the eagerly anticipated Calcutta Cup match at Murrayfield! Hopefully a successful all-round weekend for us Scots – in energy and sport!

If WeConnect Energy can support your 2024 recruitment and consultancy needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.  

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