Notes from our COO Peter Bottomley

Navigating Change and Embracing the Future

November 9, 2023

It has been a little over one month since the formal announcement of our company rebrand from Subsurface Global to WeConnect Energy – and, simply put, it could not have gone better.

The industry response has been nothing but warm, positive, reassuring, engaging and enthusiastic. Exactly the stamp of approval we had hoped for.

From a personal perspective, Subsurface Global meant a lot. I joined the organisation as a fresh graduate in January 2011 and helped build the brand from the ground up through effective collaboration and communication with the geoscience, petroleum engineering and drilling communities. As such, it was somewhat of a bittersweet moment to formally rebrand. Nonetheless, it was without doubt the right decision – and the right time – to crystalise our recent growth and diversification, paving the way for further evolution across the industry.

What will never change is the value we place on the relationships with our clients and candidates, as well as the commitment to delivering an exceptional service.

“Subsurface Global will represent the blueprint for WeConnect Energy’s future expansion across Upstream, Corporate, Low Carbon and New Energy markets.”

Our Evolution and Transformation

When operating in an industry as dynamic as the energy sector, adaptability is key. Our decision to undergo a significant transformation reflects our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our valued customers. We are expanding our capabilities across the technical and commercial sectors of the Upstream industry, as well as launching our new Low Carbon & New Energy vertical in January 2024. This evolution is a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence.

Enhanced Services and Global Reach

Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of our services and broaden our global reach. We aim to build on our foundational expertise in subsurface and drilling, paving the way for a more expansive presence in wider energy sectors at senior technical, corporate and executive levels. At WeConnect Energy, we are not just adapting; we are thriving in an environment that demands continuous innovation.

The rebrand to WeConnect Energy allows us to amplify our impact on the energy sector, providing even greater value to our clients, while staying committed to our loyal customer base in the UK & UAE.

Launching Low Carbon & New Energies - A New Chapter

January marks the launch of a new chapter for our organisation, as we unveil our Low Carbon & New Energy sector. Recognising the growing importance of sustainable energy solutions, we are excited to contribute to this industry evolution, in addition to our core competencies within Upstream E&P. Our team is geared up to provide specialised services that align with the demands of the future energy mix.


Low Carbon & New Energies sector launching January 2024

Growing Team

Success in the energy sector requires not only technical and commercial expertise, but also robust sales, marketing and business support capabilities. There has been a real focus this year on growing our internal teams, and I am delighted to say that we have doubled our headcount – hiring across our recruitment, business development, marketing and business support teams. This expansion is a strategic move to better serve our clients by ensuring seamless collaboration and effective communication throughout our organisation.

“When we expand our internal workforce – recruitment, finance, marketing and business support – we focus on shared and common values, which allow us to consistently foster and strengthen partnerships and collaborations with our clients and candidates. We understand the importance of effective communication and a strong company culture.”

New Geographies

Our three-year strategy includes setting up a new office in a new geography – one that will complement our current offices in the UK (Edinburgh) and UAE (Abu Dhabi). This strategic move is not just about expanding our physical footprint but also about establishing a stronger global presence. It will enable us to better serve our international clients and present more opportunities to our candidate base.

A Journey Shared with You

Having recently celebrated our 15th anniversary, we want you to know that this journey is one we share with you, our valued clients and candidates. WeConnect Energy aspires to be the go-to specialist for senior level energy recruitment, and with your continued support, we are confident in achieving this goal.

Thank you.

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