ADIPEC 2023 Reflections

Bryce Robertson, a consultant here at WeConnect Energy, shares some of the highlights after his visit to ADIPEC for the very first time.

December 10, 2023

ADIPEC 2023 unfolded as a dynamic chapter in the journey of WeConnect Energy. This was my first time attending the event, which took place in glistening Abu Dhabi, and it served as an ideal stage to promote our new brand and get connected with key stakeholders and meet my growing network. It was heartening to witness the energy community converging to discuss, learn, and forge connections in this ever-evolving energy landscape. My colleagues and I attended for four days, and managed to fit quite a lot in. Below are some of my highlights.

Industry Dynamics and Insights: ADIPEC offered a deep dive into the latest industry dynamics and provided valuable insights into the energy sector's  future trajectory as we move towards new energies and low carbon initiatives. From upstream innovations to corporate strategies, the event equipped us with a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping our industry.

One highlight was attending the ‘Actions for a net-zero world: solving the current energy trilemma’ panel, where six CEOs of the world’s major operators discussed their net zero targets using and investing in multiple sources of renewable energies while capitalising on carbon capture technologies currently in place.

Further Investment Required: During the event, energy executives reiterated the urgency of investing in the oil and gas sector, which is currently experiencing historically low spending levels.

Haitham Al Ghais, the Secretary-General of OPEC, cautioned that inadequate investment poses a significant threat to energy security. He stated that to maintain energy security, the oil and gas industry will need $14 trillion, equivalent to $600 billion annually, in investments from the present until 2045.

Strategic Branding and Engagement: The strategic decision to attend ADIPEC with the new WeConnect Energy brand was met with enthusiasm. The event not only validated our branding approach but also presented an opportunity to engage with industry peers who resonate with our vision of connecting energy experts.

ADIPEC became a canvas for our rebranded identity, and the positive interactions reinforced our belief that WeConnect Energy is not just a name change but a resonant statement of our commitment to the energy community.

ADIPEC 2023 was an excellent insight into the heart of the energy industry's future, and as we navigate forward, WeConnect Energy is poised to be a catalyst for meaningful connections and contributions. I am particularly excited to lead the development of WeConnect Energy's Corporate sector. We are dedicated to upholding our reputation for expert, specialised, and personalised recruitment. In this endeavour, I am committed to delivering top-tier professionals in Legal, Economics, and Corporate Affairs under the Corporate Desk, while my colleague, Andrew Pretswell, will excel in addressing all Strategy, Business Development, and M&A requirements.


Our primary objective is to cultivate enduring relationships with energy industry experts, ensuring a seamless recruitment process. Our commitment remains steadfast to consistently delivering exceptional service to our existing clients, ensuring a positive experience for both candidates and hiring firms.


Our horizons are expanding beyond technical subsurface and drilling recruitment, as we broaden our offerings to include Corporate recruitment. This transformation empowers us to continue providing tailored talent solutions to operators in the energy industry, fulfilling their diverse talent requirements. This journey has only just begun, and we are genuinely excited to embark on it with you.

Post-Event  Engagement: Our commitment doesn't end with the closing of ADIPEC. To  those we met during the event, I’d love to extend an invitation to continue the dialogue. Please do feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn.

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