Corporate Recruitment in the Energy Sector

Explore the corporate energy sector with our Consultant, Bryce Robertson, where he shares his insights on strategic recruitment and industry evolution.

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February 16, 2024

Introduction to the Corporate Sector of the Energy Industry

The corporate sector of the energy industry is a dynamic and multifaceted field, constantly evolving to meet global energy demands and technological advancements. This sector, encompassing disciplines such as commercial operations, strategy, business development, legal frameworks, economic analysis, and corporate affairs, is pivotal in driving the energy industry forward. Here, corporate jobs play a crucial role in shaping the industry's future. Bryce Robertson, our Corporate Consultant at WeConnect Energy, who oversees legal, economics & corporate affairs recruitment, shares his thoughts on this subject in the following piece.

The Legal, Economics & Corporate Affairs Hiring Landscape

The legal, economics, and corporate affairs sectors demand professionals adept in managing legal risks, understanding economic impacts, and maintaining a positive corporate image. Our corporate recruitment strategies are tailored to identify individuals with these specialised skills, ensuring that companies in the energy sector have the right talent to navigate complex scenarios. Now more than ever, it is essential to bring in the right talent in Legal, Economics, and Corporate Affairs to ensure organisational growth and stability in the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry.

I found the insights from Bain & Company's Energy and Natural Resources Report 2022 particularly interesting in this area, as it clearly highlights the importance of diverse expertise in areas like regulatory affairs and human-centred design in the energy transition. This diversity is becoming increasingly crucial for roles in legal, economics, and corporate affairs. Professionals’ skilled in managing legal risks and understanding economic impacts need to integrate these new areas of expertise to effectively navigate the complex scenarios in the energy sector​.

Furthermore, a thought-provoking report from Deloitte on the 2024 oil and gas industry outlook, suggests that as companies adapt to these shifts, there is a growing demand for professionals who can effectively communicate and navigate these changes with stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and the public. This underscores the increasing importance of roles that bridge the gap between technical expertise and stakeholder engagement in the energy sector, something which my colleague Chris Kelly also touches upon in his blog.

Our corporate recruitment strategies at WeConnect Energy are designed to identify individuals who are not only skilled in their specific domains but also adaptable to the broader changes impacting the energy industry globally. By focusing on this blend of expertise and adaptability, we ensure that companies in the energy sector are equipped with the right talent to steer through these complex and evolving scenarios.

As the energy sector evolves with these shifts towards more disciplined capital programs and a stronger focus on shareholder value, as highlighted in the same Deloitte report, there arises a unique opportunity for both individuals and companies. This is a chance for professionals in legal, economics and corporate affairs roles to significantly impact by aligning their skills with the industry's new direction, this is also noted by a McKinsey report on the future of oil and gas. The same report underscores the need for a shift in mindsets and behaviours in the industry. This change is especially pertinent for roles in corporate affairs, where emerging trends demand a blend of traditional expertise and new, adaptable skills.  

The energy sector's recruiting landscape is being shaped by these evolving demands, requiring professionals to be more versatile and adaptable than ever before. WeConnect Energy excels in finding talent with these dynamic capabilities, understanding the importance of cross-sectoral skills and the value of professionals from varied industries. These skilled individuals which we excel at sourcing, can set and champion pioneering strategies that not only meet current market demands but also set the course for future advancements in the energy sector. We can help you to ensure that your team is well-equipped to navigate and capitalise on these industry shifts.

“Our role as recruitment consultants isn't just to fill positions; it's to strategically align corporate talent with the dynamic needs of evolving businesses.”

Recruitment Ideas: Environmental & Personal  

According to INS Global Consulting, the energy sector today involves addressing applicants' concerns about work-life balance and offering competitive compensation packages. This trend is significant for corporate recruitment strategies as it reflects a broader shift towards valuing employee well-being and work-life balance in the energy sector. What’s more, the same article suggests that bringing in more ecologically conscious values into your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can also help attract top talent.  

Additionally, McKinsey & Company’s insights on the future of HR in oil and gas highlight the importance of creating an inclusive organisation where employees feel valued and part of a larger purpose. Incorporating ecologically conscious values into the EVP is a part of this, as it can attract top talent who are looking for more than just a job – they are seeking a role that contributes positively to the environment and society. Personally, I think this is potentially more important to those working in a corporate role than a technical one, as these individuals often have broader view of the company's operations and its place in the market and society. Furthermore, we consistently see those delivering in corporate roles wanting to be involved in the biggest and most exciting projects in the industry. On the other hand, for technical employees, such as engineers or operational staff, the primary focus is often on the specifics of their role, like innovation, efficiency, and safety. While ecological values are important, their immediate impact on day-to-day tasks might be less direct compared to those in corporate role.

This will continue to drive the future of the energy transition and CCUS movements, as those in corporate O&G positions are already looking to make the change into these industries. Both perspectives are crucial in the energy sector, especially as it undergoes a significant transition towards more sustainable and ecologically responsible practices. I would suggest that a well-crafted EVP should therefore be broad enough to appeal to both corporate and technical employees, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability and its relevance to each role within the organisation.

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Corporate recruitment in the energy industry is about more than just filling open positions. It involves a deep understanding of the sector's complexities and finding the right professionals who can meet these challenges. At WeConnect Energy, we're dedicated to connecting the right talent with the right corporate roles to support the growth and innovation in the energy sector. If you are looking for support in finding the right talent for your organisation, we are here to help. I hope you enjoyed my first foray into blogging, and please feel free to reach out to myself for the expertise in meeting your recruitment needs.  

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